Flora Growth’s product portfolio spans a variety of verticals – from skincare to food & beverage – each with a thoughtful brand that we believe resonates with its intended end consumer. Each brand prioritizes natural ingredients and value-chain sustainability to create products that help consumers restore and thrive.


Mind Naturals

Almost Virgin

Flora Lab

Hemp Textiles

Stardog Loungewear Products Include:
• Shoes
• Robes
• Joggers
• Hoodies
Stardog Loungewear is the inaugural brand from Flora’s Hemp Textiles division. The brand caters to consumers looking for comfortable loungewear made from natural materials and who value quality over fast fashion; Stardog products are hand-made in Colombia.
Flora Lab Products Include:
• Pharmaceuticals
• Nutraceuticals
• Dietary Supplements
• Cosmetics
Flora Lab currently manufactures and distributes 60+ OTC products registered with INVIMA across 1,500+ distribution channels. The laboratory is also pursuing an important Colombian certification called ‘Custom Formulas’, which will allow prescription grade products to be prepared by our lab to meet a patient’s unique needs and are intended to complement medical prescriptions.
Mambe is the primary brand behind Flora’s KASA Wholefoods division. Mambe’s products) are made in Colombia using natural and sustainable methods from responsibly sourced exotic Amazonian fruits. The brand supports agro-industrial projects and positively influences remote communities of Colombia.
Mambe Products Include:​
• Fruit and Vegetable Juices
• Chocolate Dipped Exotic Fruits
• Chocolate Bars with Exotic Fruits
• Dried Fruits and Fruit Pulp
Almost Virgin Products Include:​
• Mouth Spray with CBD
• Sex Oil with CBD
Almost Virgin is the second brand under Flora’s KASA Wholefoods division and was conceived to satisfy the curious minds of our bold and sensual customers. The initial collection of botanical sexual wellness products is designed to enhance sexual experiences and to increase awareness about human bodies and health while helping relieve stress from today’s fast-paced and demanding life.
Mind Naturals is an inclusive brand that uses premium CBD and quality clean ingredients to craft an assortment of natural skincare essentials. The brand aims to inspire consumers to live an authentic life and be confident in their own skin. Mind Naturals caters to the mass-market and is intended for consumers who are price sensitive and prioritize value.
Mind Naturals Products Include:
​• Unwind Moisturizer
• Refresh Cleanser
• Decompress Eye Cream
• Relax Hydrating Mask